Regenerate Lemon Quay

Regeneration of Lemon Quay to put it to use as a social hub to include Cafes bars and restaurants with covered seating along the plaza. Remove the traffic system that crosses the quay. Move the Job center and replace with a hotel/restaurant complex. This would be support by the development of Hall for Cornwall. The western end could be used as an entertainment area to host live sporting events on a big screen, and live music.

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5 comments on “Regenerate Lemon Quay

  1. Here here totally agree with the first comment. get out of a rut council and be innovative. think outside the square literally.

  2. Truro needs to have a completely new look if it were to attract people into its centre and enable shops to thrive. leave the chain shops to the internet and let small innovative shops thrive. become a place that people want to visit. Make the city centre a beautiful place to be with sidewalk cafes, water features, buskers. make it a centre for the arts, open air gallery like they have in france. a cultural centre for Cornwall. this is the type of thing my neighbours and peers talk about as being an idea for the development of Truro. Not more car parks, but park and ride. be innovative council and use some of the things you have seen on your overseas visits.

  3. Truro has no focal point after the shops close but Lemon Quay would be a desirable destination if it was opened up and put back to its original use. Along with the current shops, as previously suggested, cafe’s and restaurants with open air terraces along the length of both quay sides, plus the hotel instead of the Job Centre would make this a desirable destination. A marina like in Morlaix would serve us well.
    The Hall for Cornwall is in the perfect location to support this and gain business from the improvements.
    Remove the Compton Castle and associated metal containers which are an abandoned eyesore and have no hope of being an economic success. Focus on enhancing the permanent buildings instead of supporting unattractive temporary structures.
    If the Pydar Street redevelopment goes ahead then the new open spaces planned will replace the need for the Piazza on Lemon Quay.

  4. I love this idea. The quay has so much potential for restaurants and cafes with outside seating areas. It could be like Bordeaux Quay in Bristol. Make it a social / cultural centre and move shops to Boscowan street to make a destination shopping area (obviously not as simple as that)

  5. Yes this would be a good idea – the road completely severs the flow of people through Lemon Quay – Open up the waterway and put a feature fountain in there. Its a great space but been given no thought and is not currently working for Truro

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