regenerate the Co-op building

Use empty shops for multi purpose commercial and community to create a thriving activity centre involving businesses use and art, youth, child centre and activities. Selling vintage clothing, cafe whole health food market style place

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2 comments on “regenerate the Co-op building

  1. The old co op building leads to a great selection of independent shops, but visitors think the street is empty when they get to that corner. The place needs renovating properly upstairs and down. Could be home to to all sorts of units, crafts, Artisan sellers, health food, conference rooms, gallery space for hire for local artists. I used to live in a similar small town and they turn an unloved, unused building into an antiques centre with cafe etc. It brought people into the town as a destination. Plus it’s an all weather attraction. The hills and beach are fantastic, but not always great on a wet day.

  2. Agree with this as buildings such as the old co-op will only succeed where there are various activities/businesses (multi-function). Should consider how this would tie in with The Beggars Theatre who have done amazing things to support theatre/drama activities.

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