Regenerate the Grand and the former futurist site

Britannia Hotels could be moved on from the Grand by enforcement of environmental health /h&S. Suggest dialogue with English Heritage or similar to invest in the building in conjunction with other public/private bodies/developers – ?Rushbonds who have just converted Majestic in Leeds for Channel 4 HQ amongst other complex projects or McCarthy & Stone for upmarket retirement apartments in part of the building, upgraded hotel/self catering apartments and then a Bronte heritage focus/exhibition/public space with cafe. Develop land down from The Grand towards ex Futurist site into an all year round “Winter Garden” similar to the Eden of the North project/Sheffield Winter Gardens enabling weather proof flexible activities – live music, food/themed markets, yoga/well being under cover but with permeable space to outdoors for when weather is fine. This could incorporate innovative gardens and light installations (see Singapore for inspiration) as well as child’s play areas.

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