Regenerate the town centee

The investment should be channeled into making the town centre a attractive place to go. Mansfield is quickly becoming a commuter town, for cheap housing, but no one goes into the town centre, and therefore go elsewhere to spend their money. It’s a vicious circle, Mansfield economy suffers, shops close, more shops close. More should be made of the market Square, at the moment it’s full of closed shops, and a place for anti social behaviour when there is no market on. This is the area funding should be spent on, get people coming back into town centre, even try to make it a European style town square, where the locals go for entertainment

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2 comments on “Regenerate the town centee

  1. The town centre would benefit hugely from:

    – More benches
    – More free parking
    – A bandstand that can be used by buskers
    – Free wi-fi
    – A plinth for varying statues made locally
    – Encourage more restaurants, cafés and bookshops

  2. Not just Mansfield needs investment to improve centres, too many towns have too many empty shops, the nature of shopping has changed, on line but also large supermarkets on outskirts ( Warsop is constantly saying it needs a supermarket) so small shops are disappearing unless offering something different. Large empty shops in Mansfield could be turned into accommodation especially aimed at single people of couple, a good market set up, offering a wide range of themes, Chesterfield appears to do well, let small shops as start ups at low rents for artisans, independent cafes, street entertainment don’t be afraid to try things, town centres will never be the same again so think out the box

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