Regenerating the town as a whole

Scarborough looks shabby, this needs to change quickly.
Shopping habits have drastically changed in the last 5 years and we need to catch up. Shoppers want an experience, to be amazed with flash mob dances, watching live entertainment, big screens in shopping areas, getting autographs from famous people, mixed use venues like indoor golf with restaurant, and being able to buy lovely local things.
Bring back a Summer fair. Theme it e.g a circus theme get the whole town involved.
The A64 needs turning into a dual carriage way so we are no longer a deprived town.
Young people need a youth centre they can actually use instead of the one we have that is invite only!
Reduce rents to encourage new people and ideas to the town.
Set up an Age Concern hub (watch panorama for more info)
Cull the seagulls in the town centre, stop them nesting in town centre too.
Just let flamingo land build on the futurist site! It will work!
I have so much more to say but have run out of characters!

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