The town centre shops and bars are mostly shut down. Money could be used to either buy on town centre property which could then be offered out at vey low rent/ rent free to local business, Street food and music etc should be welcomed too.
Crewe has an excellent rail network – a rail museum and discounted fares to Crewe would also be attractive to outside visitors

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5 comments on “Regeneration

  1. Me and my family would love to see the centre improved. We used to go there all together at the weekends but it’s just sad now as so many shops are closed.

  2. Looks like the walking dead, needs investments in businesses, music venues are all gone which has created a vacuum for youth who now run amock causing chaos out of sheer boredom.
    I am fully behind the regeneration aspect.

  3. I work in the retail on the town centre it definitely needs a MASSIVE tlc boost soon enough there won’t be a town centre if it isn’t regenerated

  4. The promised regeneration of the Town Centre should actually be done not just talked about. It seems to me that Cheshire East is happy to leave Crewe to go to waste. The revamp should also bring the history of the railway into the town centre, even if it’s only using old train wheels as legs for benches. After all Crewe wouldn’t be here without the railway. There should be decent shops for the people of Crewe as well as the night life and flats above the shops.

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