simply drag the canal into the old town, open up the old locks and regenerate the shopping area, if that means knocking down old buildings do it, its about time this town was invested in and not supressed.

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2 comments on “REGENERATION

  1. The old buildings could and should be the heart of the regeneration.
    Our town is stacked in history, surrounded by fabulous (but under utilised) waterways and has some stunning architecture..just look up.
    Once a rich and thriving town, full of independent businesses, and a close community, which was ripped apart by ‘developers’. Let’s not allow that again.
    The way forward is to capitalise on our heritage, provide space for fledgling businesses and strive to create something unique and sustainable that people in the town want to be part of, and others want to visit.

  2. Absolutely DO NOT “knock down old buildings”!
    Why wipe out the last bits of history left in the Old Town?
    Too much of this goes on.
    Anyone can build new anonymous buildings.
    They make a place look cheap and temporary, like anywhere else that has not cared for its history.
    You can’t build old buildings…
    I’m worried about the Camden Building opposite the entrance to the carpark for the Co-Op.
    They are just being left to rot.
    So no-one complains when they are knocked down.
    The upper floors could be new apartments, the ground floors shops and amenities.
    Yes, a lot of work needs doing, but worth it.
    “It would be cheaper to knock them down”… like they did years ago with the magnificent St Paul’s church.

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