Regeneration and safety of Worden Park

Worden Park’s woodland trail is in need of renovating. The paths and bridges are long overdue work, and if left, too much erosion will occur from the river. The woodland trail is a great amenity for those wanting to keep healthy and experience the outdoors. It could also be possible to make the renovated trail accessible for wheelchair users by introducing slopes instead of steps on the bridges.

Second, with Worden Park being so popular, the safety of those accessing the park needs to be accounted for. Worden Lane is plagued with speeding vehicles, many of which are coming from the local college. Accidents have already happened around the park so it is time to take measures. Table top speed bumps would slow down the traffic on this road and leading on to Church Rd. Community speed watch could also play a part in making people realise their speed on the road.
Please invest in these areas to preserve and protect the town’s best asset.

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