Regeneration of highstreet

The main high Street has been decimated over the past few years. It only takes a short walk down the street to see empty shops and short lived ventures. A small group of familes own most of the property in the town. I believe that the local authorities need to buy back some of the shops. They can also the decrease the high rents pushing out small business and also add a vetting process to the selection process so that only sound business can take rent space. I believe they the people of St. Helens would spend more time and money in the town center it it wasn’t so broken. A system of grants or business lines could also be given to shops, bars and restaurants that have provailed but are seaming run down now.

I have great faith in the project and if implemented property would see a huge uptick in St.Helens and it’s people.

Thank you
Oliver Pedder-Platt

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