Regeneration of Market Towns

This important funding should be delegated to town councils (not the Borough Council who would just waste it on Sohthwater) who are closer to the needs of local communities. My town Wellington desperately needs funding for the regeneration of its shopping streets which are in a very poor state.

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3 comments on “Regeneration of Market Towns

  1. This is an important issue. Wellington needs proper regeneration of its town centre (not more housing or more takeaways/charity shops!). It needs attractions to bring people in – a museum/a visitors centre/ and something to celebrate its links with the Wrekin to boost tourism.

  2. Certainly, Wellington needs massive inward investment into its under-used town center. T&W should not allow properties to remain empty, year after year.
    Council tax can be used a punitive measure to get properties either occupied or sold for refurbishment.
    If residents live on 1st and 2nd floors of town center properties, this reduces crime and increases footfall to town center retail and other service providers.

  3. I agree.
    Wellington has been overshadowed by Southwater for over 39 years
    It’s now time for Wellington to regain it’s past by investment within the ring road in buildings, traffic calming and a 2 storey carpark at the station

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