Regeneration of the Daisy Field

A cafe, community hall with storage facilities to be available for all community group activities mothers and toddlers group meetings youth club hiring out for seminars and courses for the community and run by the community.We formed a community group 3 years ago called 633ds we have successfully established social football for the past 2 years run by volunteers free to all kids 6 years old to 16, we are know a CIC and working with other groups in the community to achieve these goals.

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97 comments on “Regeneration of the Daisy Field

  1. Money should be spent on the Daisy Field. I spent a good bit of my childhood playing over there, and it would be nice for future generations to have somewhere safe and with good facilities to play.

  2. Would love to use it more for the grandkids.. but it does need securing and monitoring as constantly abused. I back onto the field and was constantly reporting fires. Will need cameras at least.

  3. What a fantastic project for future generations. The kids need somewhere to go that’s permanent and safe. Especially a base for the kids footy team that trains over there. Somewhere to have a coffee when the local ladies have finished their daily walk around the field. basketball hoops, skatepark and swings would be lovely.

  4. The daisy 633ds should be funded. They are there every Sunday helping the children of Tilbury to learn training techniques which is also good for learning discipline. The children of Tilbury have nowhere else to go.

  5. I Will fully support a facility of this kind for the Tilbury Community on The Daisy Field just as long as its not a permanent structure!
    For Example if it was to be made from Metal Shipping Containers.
    Therefore The 633 Squad Would have My full backing behind such a project & I Will do all I can to help make this become a reality if so possible.
    Kind Regards, John
    Cllr John Allen Tilbury St Chads Ward.

  6. Would love to see the Daisy park regenerated, something like Hardie park in s-l-h somewhere close to home thats nice to be!

  7. We need the daisy field for smilies I think he community as we are losing everywhere else. This is the only place people are fighting to keep so everyone can use it and have brilliant days in the sun for little to no money which is every much needed.

  8. Would love to see it up and running as when i was younger I was always over there playing and would like to see my children do the same you can do this .

  9. As a child I grew up very local to the field and have lots of fond memories. A cafe would be a great idea and a picnic are maybe. Would be a shame for it to go. When there’s so many that do and will benefit from the area

  10. This space is so desperately going to waste, any money received could be used to fulfill the wishes of the tilbury residents to bring this area back to life and give the children grandchildren even elderly a safe fun meeting and social point.

  11. Redo the skate park. Then fence it in and make it lockable so the rouges of Tilbury can’t torch it for a laugh. Also put a tea room and more play stuff for the younger kids like they have at grays beach.

  12. Growing up football was a massive part of this community. Bring back the changing rooms. Maybe a cafe area and expand the park.
    We should have 2 pitches on there that are well maintained. I am looking at bringing a Saturday football team back to Tilbury but right now we will have to play outside of our own town.

  13. Needs to be better secured at night needs better lighting and more for kids maybe a cafe and some adult exercise equipment

  14. The daisy field is a great place for the children to go and play, and numerous events that go on over there for them, with added facilities it will improve it greatly giving more people the chance to enjoy it.

  15. As a child born and grew up in tilbury this was always my favorite place to go had many a laugh and fun and met so many friends that didn’t go to my school I also had many many family days expecally Sunday afternoons with my uncle Ron on this field so I say well done 6336 and it’s about time council and community was behind it WELL DONE don’t let them build on it xxxx

  16. We need this back like it was when my daughter was a young girl now my 2 grandchildren go over there now my grandson goes over there and plays football with all the other kids come on give tilbury something for the kids please

  17. Give the children this wonderful space we had when we were kids, let them all have the same enjoyment we had, please no more house or flats 😊

  18. Me and my autistic son use this park very regularly as it’s very safe and clean x I come over here and we never get any hassle x this has to be one off the best parks in Thurrock and it deserves to be treated with good care and love forever

  19. Brilliant Idea, reopen the car park, update the path ways, revamp the skate park and add a community sporting area. We might actually get some more local sporting clubs then.

  20. We need a container 4 the football stuff 2 be put in there 4 the kids playing football over there so we dont have 2 store in at ur homes x

  21. I had the pleasure to Bowl at the Daisy Field. Lets get this field back in use for the COMMUNITY. Its certainly big enough. A building that will have facilities for sports teams that represent TILBURY.
    A building with facilities that will welcome young and the not so young. Mums and Toddlers getting to know each other. Lets bring this field alive AGAIN. Its been neglected for far too long

  22. An area that certainly needs to be kept for our community to walk dogs, take kids to play and exercise.
    Investment is needed to upgrade the park, ball courts and grass area. Storage for football/other team sports.
    We don’t need more flats! Let the people of Tilbury have some green area to socialise.

  23. Having lived in Tilbury for 27 years we use the field daily for our dogs and children. We need to keep this a green space, somewhere to play, take part in sports games, run your dogs. A place to just enjoy and be social. Keep the field as a play space, where else can you have a game of rounders or fly a kite.

  24. It all sounds a great idea, l hope you succeed. But remember what happened to the gym built on the anchor field demolished and replaced with FLATS. Hope you succeed but be careful.

  25. It is essential to have accessible play areas that we can protect to ensure children’s safety and enjoyment. This should be an investment into our children’s opportunities.

    1. We need more round here for kids. A place the kids can play safely and then you can have a small bite to eat. Something similar to Hardie Park would be ideal.

  26. We need something for our young and old in tilbury the daisy field has been part of the community for as long as I can remember a cafe and good sports facilities is what is needed

  27. If a place for mother and toddler groups is made avalible over there maybe something could also be done so it can be shared with TMA as the council are taking away their home and doing nothing to help and alot of people use this facility from kids with sen to adults like myself who need a place to keep fit and at the same time make new friends.

  28. I Like this idea. Will also be useful for community groups etc to use and hopefully would mean more revenue to keep the park running

  29. I Like this. could also consider a small cafe so people this end of Tilbury can use it? Will also be useful for community groups etc

  30. Daisy field needs upgrade and could bring possible profit to even afford to keep someone on site. Small astro pitch, a hall for sports events, parties birthdays, cafe on site with toilets etc could be rented out and utilised by many many local and not so local people or sports teams. Kids playground area needs and upgrade too as I don’t see it fit for my children to go to.

  31. There’s a sense of community all around Tilbury, it would be nice for it to show and what a better way than supporting these ideas.

  32. I’m not convinced that a cafe would being in the amount of revenue to warrant it’s existance. However, i would live to be proved wrong.

    The current facilties on the Daisy Field could certainly do with replacing & upgrading as they are out of date. Storage for sports events is also a worthwhile consideration. For so long this recreation field has been overlooked & neglected. Investment is desperately needed.

  33. This will help bring back the community spirit in tilbury and provide both young and old and other social events to come together a cafe , changing rooms , storage for all
    It’s a lovely park the daisy field but could offer so much more for everyone

  34. This town needs the community back together again, get a building established for young and old, sports, health and wellbeing ie gym , and football, fitness classes, somewhere to meet and spend time as a community again

  35. Amazing. Hope and recovery In the community. I am doing a business plan myself. Regarding a community cafe. It is a much needed and vital. Resource for all members of the community ❤️

  36. Growing up in Tilbury the Daisy Field was the place to meet for a game of footie. Always good for the community.
    People moan that kids have nothing to do anymore so this could change that. Good luck 633ds.

  37. Looking back I remember playing on the Daisy Field while men were playing bowls, and the tennis courts were always in use, we’ve seen so much gone from Tilbury and only flats and warehouses added☹️. To use the wish list from 633ds which includes hall and cafe with toilets for the use of our community, different clubs, and storage for the equipment that has been acquired by donations from locals and upgrading the play area and landscaping would be a wonderful way of bringing the community together young and old.

  38. Regeneration of the King George Field aka Daisy Park is a great idea and much needed in the community. We could definitely do with one nice park in the area. If walking alley and trees/flower beds and benches could be considered in order to create a nice living environment.This could help provide essential services to the people of Tilbury and wider communities.

  39. I thought a New gym for all those that gain so much from the old fire station. This community needs this. Would be such a shame to see them with nothing.

  40. The daisy field is something good that is sadly not being used to it’s full potential. If we are ever going to reduce crime and kids wandering the streets causing problems we need funding to help bring it up so our young can use it fully. It also needs some form of protection so if new facilities are put in place they are not destroyed and made unusable 🤔

  41. The Daisy Field has played a big part in the lives of Tilbury folk, regeneration would bring back a lot more community spirit.

  42. The Daisy’s would be a perfect place and has a potential to have a community facility, so from the young ones to the elderly could socialize. Tilbury community has a big lack of venues. This is exactly what the community needs, to have fun together!

  43. Tilbury residents absolutely deserve regeneration of our park, Daisy Field! All the foundation is there! Don’t let it deteriorate, invest in improving a beautiful green area and playgrounds that everyone can love!!

  44. The daisy field is lovely area and lots of dog walkers and familys use it and it would be nice to see funding to make it a little more friendly by adding some benches and a cafe so as a community it can help bring us together and get to know the people we live around.

  45. Funding would make Tilbury a much better place to live. Give the children somewhere safe to play and make it more pleasing on the eye. Outdoor excercise equipment would be amazing too.

  46. King George playing field aka the Daisy Field. 633ds squad would make sure funding is used appropriately for what the community wants before more flats are sneaked on there.

  47. Our town is lacking venues for all ages to come together.
    From mothers and toddles to meet for coffee and advise to sporting activities for all ages to help with health and fitness.
    Not forgetting the elderly that could come along and socialise.
    This would bring a town together that is slowly falling apart.

  48. The Tilbury Comunity has a Great History of coming together when the people of Tilbury need a voice to be heard and that’s what your hearing now we need Funding for a place where the community can meet and the children can play a place where there is so much is needed so many clubs need some where to run from, the Tilbury people needs this on the Daisy field very badly

  49. When I was a kid in tilbury we had youth centres (not just one) ,parks tennis courts ,out door bowels , and even our own cinema . Kids today nothing .they need this community sprit back and what a way to start .this funding would be a start to kids remembering their youth like I have . Well done John and gang for what you have already achieved x well deserved .

  50. Great people who help how kids they are how community give up there spare time they deserve the funds to make it bigger and better

  51. This people are the community they deserve funds they do wonders for tilbury kids etc please help them out great people who give up ther spare time

  52. Many memories of a fantastic childhood, with great friends and family. Still filled with families having fun, dog walkers and elderly meetings for a catch up on the benches. A community space which is utilised by all, young and all! The kids and youth football teams promoting health and fitness, encouraging them to be the best they can be and reach for their dreams. A place just for us.

  53. The Daisy field is accessible to most of Tilbury. A cafe, storage/changing facility and poor weather shelter would enable more enjoyable activities for the youngsters.

  54. The Daisy Squad are super people who care about us our children and our Town I would love them to have help they so need with this to be able to take my grand babies there in safety somewhere to be out in the open and make daisy field community memories

  55. Every weekend rain or shine the people of the local community give up there time to volunteer for 633ds to extend the activities on offer and to keep the children of Tilbury safe and off the streets they need funding to develop the environment

  56. The 633DS daisy squad is a very essencial part of the community and gets used constantly so needs as much funding as possible to keep it this way

  57. So much has been lost over the years for children & adults alike in our town. This would be a great project to build community spirit for all ages

  58. Regeneration of the King George field is a great idea and much needed in the community, many sports and activities here could help to provide essential services to the people of Tilbury and wider communities.

  59. I think the daisy) squad) so need all the help with funding they are really helping the children of Tilbury they made a big change with the children please help them get the help they need to continue with there fantastic work

  60. The field known as the Daisy has been loved by many generations it would be fitting if some of the funds could be used to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the community wish list. A place where the young middle and senior ages could use and mix with no exclusions

  61. The daisy field would be the perfect place to have facility’s on for the tilbury children and adults , the 633Ds have worked hard for the tilbury people and deserve every help they can get

    1. Regeneration of the Daisy Field would be great for the community and for the children of Tilbury. The 633ds work hard for the community and need as much funding as possible to continue this fantastic work and to develop the environment.

  62. Our town is seriously lacking venues for young as well as elderly to meet. The Daisy field would be an ideal site for a building at the heart of our community to be used by all.A cafe,changing rooms for young people’s football established over the past 3 years, a place for mothers and toddlers to call their own as they have nowhere at the present time. Tilbury so needs this as a foundation to restore a sense of belonging.

  63. This space is so desperately needed by the people of Tilbury and any money received could be used to fulfill the wishes of the Tilbury people to regenerate this space to be used as a community area for all to enjoy

  64. It would be wonderful to see some of the government allocated funds used to regenerate the Daisy field. The location is central to everyone in the town. And all the activities and clubs that could then be run from there would give the young people of our town a sense of purpose and something to look forward to.

  65. This project deserves the backing of the council, community and central government! A community based initiative that benefits a town that desperately needs to improve its health status and engage with the youth from cradle onwards, it’s exactly what we need!

  66. We need somewhere for the children a regeneration of the daisy field and with funding our young and older generations would benefit greatly

  67. The 633DS (Daisy Squad) have the Community Family wish list. It would be nice to receive some funds to progress after 3 years. Excellent participation & many supporters for our project – a long term plan for the Daisy Field Community Family

    1. A storage facility is definitely needed for equipment. We have taken up to fifty kids at a time for run abouts and we need somewhere to store the equipment. We have been helping kids from 6-16 years to exercise for over 2 years and don’t seem to make any progress.

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