Regeneration of the town centre and creating opportunities for new, local businesses

Incentivise the opening of new, local businesses in the town centre. A potential incentive could be a contribution towards the refurbishment of their selected lot. Many of the stores in the town centre have been vacant for many years and will no doubt require considerable cleaning and renovation prior to them functioning as a business. This could potentially but deterring businesses from the area and so a contribution towards this cost would undoubtedly entice more businesses to the area. This will offer local young people and business owners an opportunity to build and develop their business in our local area. At the same time these new businesses would breathe life into a tired and outdated town centre. As new businesses develop and grow, more established businesses will see Newcastle-under-Lyme as an area to develop and grow in. A vibrant and busy town centre is the key to retaining young business minds, rather than losing them to big cities, leading to continuing future development

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