Regeneration with convenience.

Since the completion of the very successful Fox Valley centre most customers take their business there and as a result the actual centre of Stocksbridge has been left with unused unattractive buildings and remaining businesses that are struggling to thrive in turn making the area unattractive to new businesses looking to move to the area. My suggestion would be demolition work completed in stages to erect a large multi-storey car park (because at present the parking is very limited) and an accompanying indoor complex which would house a number of businesses looking to be successful in the area. If people could have the convenience of stepping out of their car and into a modern indoor shopping centre the whole of that area would be revived and also compliment the existing Fox Valley development. Businesses should have to bid for a place and be selected only if there is seen to be enough demand for them through public consultation. Businesses to be demolished should have first choice.

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