Investment into alternatives to fossil fuels

Money for the housing emergency here and supporting the homeless/those at risk

Support for those with addiction/mental health issues

Policing – we have so much crime here

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9 comments on “Regeneration

  1. I believe Boscombe should be for families to live in . And not to be filled with a disproportionate amount of addicts who are causing the antisocial behaviour .

  2. Bournemouth needs a general uplift to cover many areas such as: tackling drug use, homelessness, getting young generation on the property ladder (more affordable new builds), having a mall with lots of shopping and indoor activities for when the weather is not that good.

  3. We need to start thinking of renewable energy like some other countries in Europe have, although we aren’t part of Europe anymore is still important to invest in renewable sources and help reducing global warming.
    Homeless, there are far too many around Bournemouth, some of them getting into crimes, some other are not , but I m sure if we can control them, what they doing and where they gathering we could also prevent the raise of crimes in Bournemouth.

  4. Please clean up Boscombe and springbourne the high Street is not safe drug dealers homeless reganarate town Centre Boscombe close melo bar good safe cheap travel good bycicle lanes away from the road electric scooter aloud in the town more police in town centre of Boscombe perment police in the shopping centre area sit out side Boscombe with the undercover police you will see the problems

  5. The town used to be so lovely. Clean streets all areas. Now we have lots of high rise buildings can we do something to detract from those. Social housing is a must too. The town centre needs to be more inviting for visitors. Our street has not been cleaned as it used to be. The first road and pavement cleaner seen recently after many years not. Note it only cleaned one side of the road.

  6. the homelessness issue needs to be addressed. there are a lot of people on the streets of bournemouth and this money could do great to help them get back on their feet. it changes the image of bournemouth as you see them drinking and doin fm drugs on the street and that isnt an environment that will bring tourists in/or good for the people who live here.

  7. The level of rough sleepers in the town is making the retail sector deminish as the locals don’t feel safe. Crime rate is up and the state of the town centre is at an all time low. I’m embarrassed to call this my home it used to be lovely when I moved 9 years ago.

  8. More Police on the beat especially ASB areas.Police visit schools and build a relationship with students and educate them.
    No more student properties please they don’t contribute to the council tax.I feel they should as they create rubbish and need their bin emptied and should be made to make a contribution.
    More affordable housing low income and for the homeless.
    Gp appointments readily available not in two weeks time.
    People have more support with MH and drug & Alcohol.
    Ex offenders offered accommodation immediately and not left without any support.
    They should be allocated a key worker in the community and not just Probation Officer.

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