Reinstate part of the former canal

Tasteful cafe/restaurant pavement culture adjacent to (recreated) canal, sympathetic architecture that pays homage to industrial past Railways/Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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1 comment on “Reinstate part of the former canal

  1. This is one of four comments highlighting, or including, the canal. I think there are 78 suggestions in total; of these, 37 refer to the Town Centre & its need for regeneration. I also note that 6 suggestions favour a University, and one suggests linking the Outlet Centre with the Town Centre. The Laurie Marsh proposals in 2017 proposed all of these, with the offer of funding for around 50 times the £25 million on offer here! Those proposals are not cast in stone, but I suggest serious consideration could be given to a significant Town Centre regeneration enhanced by the undoubted advantages of a waterside environment.

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