Reintroduce original shop facades

To help reintroduce the soul of the city centre mandate some gradual rebuilding of original shop fronts to match their first floor facade. If you look up at most buildings they are beautiful but the ground floor modernisation lets them down making them look like any bland town centre.

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2 comments on “Reintroduce original shop facades

  1. Excellent idea. Some locations do impose restrictions on the aesthetic design of shops etc, to create a local aesthetic that is particular to, or even unique to, that location. Examples range from certain streets in Leamington Spa to the shops inside Glasgow Central Station, where shop signage & branding is restricted to a modest size and a particular position on the building so that the local architectural style is not obscured or obliterated.

  2. An adopted design guide for high streets would be a good start. Full height glass frontages and overlarge signage ruin some buildings.

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