Reinvigorate the town centre

Beale’s is about to be empty. That’s a huge retail space. I’d convert that into an indoor market which would be used by existing market traders, along with other small businesses while they’re starting out and are unable to afford the higher town centre business rates. They can work on their reputation and build up their business with a view to moving into permanent premises once they have enough money. It would mean a market environment all year around, whatever the weather.
I’d then convert the existing marketplace into a green space, with seating for the businesses surrounding the market, a small play area for children, some sort of bandstand and an area for existing food stalls. Create a multi-purpose outdoor space that can both look attractive and hold events throughout the year.
Sorry for the essay…!

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2 comments on “Reinvigorate the town centre

  1. As I cannot get central or east midlands TV every night I have to watch North Yorkshire / Lincs TV witch is always showing how they are converting town shops into accommodation etc {Scunthorpe ,Goole ,Grimsby and Lincoln} .I think this is the way forward for our Town centre to, as retail parks with free parking and no hassle from pubs etc is the way forward. I also think the idea for Beales and BHS empty stores could become multi indoor market type businesses.
    This type of selling goods is very big in China and the middle east where people rent floor space to sell Products {Phones ,Computers ,TVs, Elec goods ,Clothes, Cafes etc etc} less cost on renting the old shops.

  2. I think that is a good idea, something for people who live here as well as attractions for visitors however I still think we need quality shops in the centre, there is enough scope to do both, but most important to me is to find homes and help for the homeless in the town, support is vital to give them a chance of a decent life , home , a multi agency approach should be compulsory by government

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