Removal of road humps

Instead of road humps please use live speed cameras to control road safety…control n earning aswell…please install live cameras and proper lights for patrolling in dark areas of Peterborough like at the back side of bulevourd retail centre where you can find rubbish everywhere n lot of drugies sit on the stairs and block the way to woodsten for pedestrians.
Please issue passes to food delivery drivers for parking in town to pick up their order because as a food delivery driver I’m facing lot of difficulty while I’m on my ride. Food pick up takes 5 to 10 mnts n one delivery is about £3.70 if I have to get parking ticket for £1.00 n £1.30 for food insurance and fuel is about £0.50 at the end this delivery worth me £0.90 pens only….
Please make people more skill full through giving them subsidise traing programs

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