Repair St Matthew’s Church

Walsall has hardly any historic buildings left. The obvious exception is St Matthew’s Church. It deserves to be preserved. It’s the biggest and most obvious landmark in town. It’s the oldest building by far with an 11 century crypt. All Walsall people love the building and it can be seen from miles away.

But the building needs expensive repairs, particularly the windows and the roof, but also stonework and better toilets. Repair of the building could stimulate improvements to the whole St Matthew’s Conservation area, like the sadly neglected Guild Hall and the Mews Shops. This could become Walsall’s Heritage Quarter with its cobbled streets and great views over the town.

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6 comments on “Repair St Matthew’s Church

  1. Saint Mathews church has both historic and community importance for generations of Walsall people. It is much loved by almost everyone in the community with most people in Walsall having a story to tell about their own and their grandparents and ancestors involvement. Alongside services, weddings and funerals, this has also included a wide range of events which have been much appreciated by non christians. Walsall is the 4th poorest town in the country {Office for National Statistics) and alongside it’s traditional christian congregation, it has in recent years reached out to a growing number of people in the local community who are in need of support, counselling and guidance through numerous events and free drop in coffee mornings etc.

  2. I applaud any attempts to safeguard and enhance St Matthews. It is a wonderfully iconic building in the town, and should be protected for those of faith and no faith alike.

  3. At one point I was part of a church hill working group run by walsall council which looked into regeneration of the church hill conservation area as a cultural quarter for Walsall. There was a well worked out plan for improvements such as undergrowth removal, improvement to the green spaces and maintenance to the boundary wall around St Matthew’s church with the aim of encouraging people to use and enjoy church hill as a recreational space and creating an attractive area for the town. St Matthew’s and the church hill could be spectacular if both are improved. A Walsall cultural quarter could stand up with cultural quarters in other towns.

  4. As rector, since moving to Walsall 5 years ago, it has become very clear to me that many people who do not consider themselves Church members or even Christians appreciate the importance to the wider community of this historic building. This is illustrated by the many comments that follow any picture of this lovely and distinctive building being posted on various social media sites. I would love to see this beautiful and significant building be safeguarded for the appreciation and use of the wider community for years to come.

  5. The idea of a Heritage Quarter centred around St Matthew’s church is a good one. There are the nearby Memorial Gardens, set up in the 1950s as a war memorial, and the trees and open spaces on Church Hill and in St Matthew’s Close – as well as the views over the town centre, and on to Barr Beacon, Cannock Chase and (on a clear day) to the Wrekin.
    That Walsall town centre – running from St Matthew’s at one end to the Crown Wharf at the other – is so long is a real challenge. Having a really strong focus here on Church Hill, the historic heart of the town, balanced by other development at the Waterfront, will really help sustain the town for the future.

  6. This wonderful and well-loved building is home to a lively, thriving church which ministers to the community and has been a focus for Christian worship for many centuries. We need to preserve and maintain it so that it can serve and inspire Walsall for many generations to come.

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