Rescue The Decks

The Decks is highlighted in the Council’s own Town Deal presentation as having ‘helped to introduce new residential populations and created an attractive riverside residential corridor.’ Yet it is now in imminent danger of becoming a derelict eyesore because it doesn’t meet post-Grenfell fire regulations, despite being signed off by Council inspectors when built and bought in good faith by leaseholders. The development is under 18 meters which means it is not eligible for central government funding to fix. Leaseholders will be bankrupted if forced to pay the hundreds of thousands – if not millions – to correct errors which should have been picked up on by Halton Borough Council on construction.
If the development is allowed to fall derelict, funding will not come around again to put it right for decades to come and it will be a huge and very visible eyesore. Not only does the Council have a moral obligation to step it, but it should form a key part of any sensible regeneration plan.

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11 comments on “Rescue The Decks

  1. This is great news. However with the ongoing issues at The Deck I feel we should be included. We were once an award winning development celebrated as being part of the Runcorn Riviera beach. But now with cladding and construction issues the buildings are fated with being seen as “fire traps”. When we all leave and place section 8 eviction notices on our tenants and they in turn place a section 33 notice on the leaseholder you will be liable to find us all a new. Home. You do not want to see these properties become a deralict eyesore. Do the right thing and help pay for the repairs forces Taylor Simply and Adriatic to share costs.

  2. What a situation!
    We have millions being offered up for new development work but seem happy to leave the residents of the decks struggle as they pay to put right poor workmanship.

    How will new developments look with derelict apartment blocks?

    HBC come on, take a look at what is going on and don’t try and take the people of Runcorn for mugs.

  3. What is the point of spending so much money on an exciting project like the regeneration of Runcorn town centre when the results could be spoilt by having a derelict eyesore on the doorstep and in view in the form of The Decks Apartment blocks in the event that they end up abandoned after owners are unable to fund the re-cladding of all of the buildings? For many visitors to Runcorn, whether crossing either of the Mersey crossings or via rail The Decks are usually one of the first landmarks to be noticed. It would be a bad first impression for newcomers if the buildings are left to rot.

  4. This great news ! However with the decks in the situation at the moment surely the funds would be best putting and fixing the issues on these lovely apartment blocks first ? I’m afraid that they will become derelict as leaseholders do not have the funds available to rectify the issues with the buildings ! If they become derelict we will be left with empty buildings and a lot of people will move out of the runcorn old town to elsewhere- leaving the old town very quiet and sadly a ghost town 😪

  5. This is fantastic news for Runcorn and all of its business owners and residents alike. Although approximately 288 families living in the Decks overlooking the waterfront are also part of that same community. Residents, job holders and business owners who are all at risk of losing their homes due to the current Cladding crisis. What a great opportunity this could be for HBC to show their commitment to us and step in and include the Decks in this regeneration scheme.

  6. Fantastic news and hopefully we will see Runcorn regrow to former gloried and thrive in the coming years.

    With all this investment available to regenerate the wider area, surely it would be beneficial to help the local, council tax paying residents in The Deck to ensure that the local community does not dwindle? If the local area decreases as a result of almost 300 families having to ‘hand-back’ or move out of their homes, would this not result in additional challenges to already struggling businesses in the ‘Old Town’ and wider Runcorn area? Not only will the reduction in population have a detrimental impact on the local economy but Halton Borough Council will see a reduction in the council tax it generates from almost 300 residences if the development becomes derelict.

    The Decks are located in a prominent position on the banks of the River and are extremely visible to commuters travelling over both bridges (when the Golden Jubilee Bridge reopens), would a derelict development of this size not provide an unsavoury first impression to people visiting Runcorn?

  7. Brilliant news for Runcorn. I Totally agree with the other comments about the “Decks”. Surely some funds could be used to help address the issues at the apartments. I feel spending this money regenerating Runcorn will be a waste of time if the residents of the “Decks” are forced to leave their homes and the buildings become derelict … not only will it be an eyesore but local businesses will obviously suffer greatly as residents move elsewhere and don’t spend money shopping in town. This should be given serious consideration.

  8. the 6 buildings that make up the decks are dangerously in need of recladding due to the fire risks involved
    If these developments are abandoned they will contribute to the continuing ghost town that seems to increase each year
    Runcorn has a fantastic opportunity over the next few years with the revamp of the town centre train station and bus station
    Don’t let these buildings become empty shells blighting the landscape and the 500 plus residents homeless and not contributing to Runcorns economy

  9. What a fantastic opportunity for Runcorn!
    There are just under 300 state of the art apartments which are now at risk of becoming a town centre derelict eye sore since the government changed building regulations in light of the Grenfell tragedy.
    Funding to rectify these apartments would ensure the local community continue to support any town centre developments from a financial perspective.
    The deck was marketed and sold to many professionals who keep industry in the area going. Most professionals who live in the deck are living and working in and around the Halton area. Without a home to live in, these people will be forced to leave the area and take their contribution to the local economy with them.

  10. Great news and well needed but I think the work needed on the deck is required first to be able to keep them open and some of this money would be really useful and gratefully received as leaseholders simply cannot afford to pay the amount they are asking for, this money could be put to help keep these open and 288 families stay in their homes. We are the ones who will also benefit with development in Runcorn to help make it thrive, if the deck became derelict, it would be an eye-saw in this new development

  11. There is a big plan here for the regeneration of Runcorn. This is fantastic! However, should leaseholders be forced to pay for works at the Deck, it will have to be shut down. We simply don’t have the funds. What a miserable sight that would be in a regenerated town. A block of six beautiful buildings on the river front, all allowed to become derelict. Surely, some of this money could be used for this development?

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