Resident-led play sessions

I want to introduce “Playing Out/Play Streets/Exercise Streets/Community Streets”: 1-2 hours of street closures for community play. This has been happening informally during lockdown so I’m proposing we keep it as a “legacy of lockdown”. It is a very simple procedure and a catalyst for other community initiatives.
Over 1,000 street communities have ‘played out’ in 100+ different local authority areas across UK.
Residents apply to BCP for a regular or one-off slot (same procedure as a street party) and then a few adults steward each end of the road and everyone plays. Outdoor play is an accessible low cost solution to health inequalities: childhood obesity, mental health issues, disabled children can play in their street but a lot of playgrounds are not accessible. Teams of Playworkers can give informal training to residents on best practices for inclusive play for all ages and abilities.
NB. Vehicles are still allowed access but must drive at 5mph accompanied by volunteer stewards

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