Restoration of footpaths

I would like to see Glastonburys footpaths and sites of significant natural beauty taken greater care off. This would involve various maps, dog bins, repair of gates and styles, clearance and community inclusion. This would deepen visitors experience of our town as well as encouraging walking for well being. Running trails, fitness and community clubs and involvement. Nature rambles and educational foraging walks. Currently footpaths are neglected, not suitable for children to roam and play due to the lack of provision for dog mess. By walking, running, roaming our lands it helps to create a deeper sense of community and stewardship which is greatly lacking. It would give the town a sense of pride. Ancient trees could be highlighted on certain walks and historical stories and local knowledge shared. This small scheme would greatly improve the natural experience of one of Glastonbury’s finest assets which is its natural beauty.

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4 comments on “Restoration of footpaths

  1. Great but a issue that gets me is I walk from street to glastonbury by various routes regularly. Just as a example walk into the back of Tesco’s and try and get across to the other side of KFC unless you follow the same route as a car you have to cross well trodden muddy routes across flower beds and broken fences why are pedestrians never thought of in the planning stage.

  2. We would also agree with footpaths, however it would be nice to see some more public footpaths? We have 2 dogs and struggle to find places to walk them off the lead and away from animals? We would love to see public footpaths out Wick or towards the rugby club to avoid walking down the lanes!

  3. Well said , the town as it is must be very disappointing to both residents and visitors .
    It has that ‘run down’ appearance unkempt and scruffy , as though it’s been left to go into disrepair .

    Time to spend some of that cash Mendip .

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