Restoration of outdoor skateparks

Over the past few years the condition of the outdoor skateparks in warrington (namely orford park and victoria park) has been rapidly declining. Things such as cracks all throughout the park, damage where people have been making fires on the park, and even the lights being damaged make them a lot more dangerous than they should be. I believe a restoration of these parks, or additions to these parks would provide the youth of warrington with a source of entertainment that is a lot safer. Another helpful addition would be adding more bins and some rain cover to areas of the parks, as I have witnessed people get badly injured, and I myself have been injured due to the litter on the park, and parts of the park that take a long time to dry. I would love to see more people coming to the skateparks and trying out new things as it brings a strong sense of community to the area and I believe the points I have raised could be a good step in the right direction.

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