Restore & rejuvenate our towns heritage

Restore all our beautiful heritage architectures.

Lower the costs of lord street rentals and give the opportunity for unique independent businesses to thrive.
Create more ‘green’ spaces. More greenery and flowers wouldn’t go amiss down chapel street to make it less grey & gloomy.

BHS & The old town McDonalds, what wasted spaces! How about changing them into creative spaces for better health & creative well-being. I’m talking yoga classes, art galleries, spas, creative hubs for people to collaborate and connect. We have so much talent in Southport yet nowhere for people to connect and be creative.

Imagine even a vintage Victorian style cinema, indoor or outdoors!

Even pleasures do could have more vintage style games, with stripy beach huts.

More activities such as roller disco and an ice skating rink. It would be perfect for family adventures and solo activities.

Even our busses could re-gain their character, bring back the look of old London buses!?

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