Restore the beauty of Scarborough

Scarborough looks run down and neglected as do other towns in East Yorkshire, including Bridlington and Driffield. We need to restore the charm of these places as that would significantly bring in tourism pounds. Restore the architectural heritage and the natural heritage of the coastline. No more places like Alpamare, they do not fit the charm and look like a blot on the landscape. This is not what locals want and it’s not warm enough for outdoor waterpark by the North Sea. If you want a good example of charm, take a clear out of York, it respects it’s history and heritage and gets plenty of visitors local and international. Scarborough has great foundations, great history and lots of potential. Also revisit the high street it looks very run down and is uninspiring, not a patch on how it used to be.

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1 comment on “Restore the beauty of Scarborough

  1. Strongly agree with the above. The high street lacks a variety of shops and eating places. It’s also dirty and many of the buildings are either empty or run down.
    It lacks any attraction for evenings.
    The Art Gallery is great but there is little indication in the town that it even exists.
    Well done to the coffee house Greensmiths for providing good food and coffee in a pleasant environment. More like this is so needed in the town.
    Regenerate the High Street and the town will have a beating heart.

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