Restore the Tor Labyrinth

Glastonbury Tor had an ancient labyrinth around it. I have tried to walk this with a friend from the plans but most of the marker stones have gone and the path is eroded and confusing at many points. Restoration would be an additional reason for tourists to visit the Tor, encourage us locals to do more exercise in the form of meditative walking, and be anoter asset to our historic town.

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6 comments on “Restore the Tor Labyrinth

  1. A nice idea but I walked the labyrinth as a child and it was quite precarious. There used to be matting (like doormats) laid our along the spirals. My father and I walked around them. It wasn’t easy and I doubt it could, now, ever pass a health and safety assessment for modern tourist attractions, sadly.

  2. So we now want a concrete path all the way around the Tor . Due to erosions issues already around the tor I don’t think we need to attract any more people to visit it. Money would be better spent sorting out the homeless problem and the look of the town to visitors

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