Restrict vehicular access to High St

Restrict vehicular access to public transport, deliveries taxis and disabled parking to reduce congestion, improve safety and cut emissions in the heart of our town

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2 comments on “Restrict vehicular access to High St

  1. This idea is spot on. Reduce high street traffic, reduce high street parking, reduce the high street speed limit.
    Buses, taxis, blue badge holders and deliveries only. If were not going for full pedestrianisation this is a fantastic alternative.

  2. Totally agree with vehicular access to High St. However, do not agree with the access specifiied i the comment. Re-route the buses. Mini bus station in Abbey carpark. Look at alternative non vehicular transport on the high st such as – bicycle richshaws. Make the pavements wider – gives more room for the disabled. Taxis don’t need to go up the High St either. Vehicles only under exceptional circumstances and for residents only.

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