Retail & Community Blend on the High Street

High Street usage is changing, encourage a blend of usage of empty (perhaps buy a couple of units) to allow independent businesses to get going alongside community space for local groups to meet. This would make the high street a community hub providing footfall for the businesses and potentially attracting outside visitors. Deal in Kent has done a good job in building up it’s high street to be significantly occupied by independent businesses with community space that makes it a vibrant and unique place to visit, socialise and shop.

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4 comments on “Retail & Community Blend on the High Street

  1. A good idea. Also help the current businesses to invest in signage as some look really run down. The whole High Street area looks like no one cares – empty units, paint peeling, dead hanging baskets etc

  2. Sadly we’re loosing another locally run shop. The card shop closes on the 31st January. Can alternatives to charity shops be looked at ,we have so many and with the supermarket on the outer edges of town the foot fall is dripping even further .Can the powers that be not get creative , a butcher , a fresh veg shop ?

    1. Private landlords own the shops and are responsible to who they choose to rent them out to. The Council are not responsible for this.

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