Revitalise the market….scrap the tunnel fee

Revitalising the market and scrapping the tunnel fees will bring people from outside into Birkenhead. At the moment people will only pass through to get to other parts of Wirral or Chester or not even bother. The tunnel fee is really a tax on Wirral residents. Firstly there isn’t the attraction to go into Birkenhead which means secondly paying to go to Liverpool. It’s saddening that Liverpool made the most of the funds to achieve the capital of culture and the Wirral was left with the scraps. The Liverpool skyline as seen from the Wirral is like looking at your neighbours million pound house from your humble two-up two-down. And then somebody gives your neighbours more money!! Nobody comes to Birkenhead for anything and it’s about time it had the identity it deserves. There is a lot of creativity around the Wirral and it’s time that was used to show that we may not have the money but we do have the imagination and the talent. Maybe have a Camden Market for the North West!!

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