Revolutionise the Town: Part 1

Revolutionise the town by making it a beacon to environmentally friendly initiatives and technologies in the U.K. and make it a stunning place to live in and a town to be proud of.

1. Provide a Tram or train service connected to Sheffield.
2. Regular Buses that go to Penistone, Holmfirth and also give greater access to the Pennines using public transport in general.
3. Less cars being used and more bicycles 🚲 (money to provide a free bicycle lending depo), create cycle lanes through the town and the planting of road side meadow flowers. 💐. More road side trees 🌲 and trees planted in general.
4. Solar powered cable cars up and down 🚠 the steep Valley
5. Uncover the River (bring back our river!!) that is buried under the Steel Works so that wildlife can flourish there again and so that we can see this beautiful force of nature (Little River Don) flowing through the Valley again.

Part 2: please see next post with same email

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