ReWild the city’s green spaces

Although there are a number of important green spaces within the city they are not, save for a number of key spaces, maximising their contribution to biodiversity.

The more formal greenspaces in the city (i.e. parks, sports pitches) are often of a good quality for people, but could be doing a lot more for nature and increasing biodiversity. Parks (e.g. Gheluvelt Park, Battenhall Park) are often characterised by large underutilised areas of maintained grass, with small biodiversity value.
Even some of the largest less formal green spaces in the city appear to be fairly barren in regard to their levels of biodiversity. Key examples are riverside locations around Hallow recycling centre, the Racecourse, New Road cricket ground and the Chapter Meadows area.

The rewilding of (parts of) these sites could have multiple advantages to biodiversity and providing ecosystem services to the city, e.g. water management, carbon sequestration, mental health, climate adaptation, pollution etc

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  1. Agree. The City and County should also consider whether its existing land ownerships (parks, car parks, allotments etc), can be used to provide safe walking and cycling routes as well as green corridors.

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