River marina

Revitalise the river with a marina, continental-style quay areas, with cafés, bars and restaurants, a tidal control system to ensure water is ever present – instead of the unsightly and smelly mud at low tide – and better links between the city and its river. In the 20 years since this plan was last mooted, Truro and Cornwall’s nature have changed; high streets are dying, especially after the C-19 crisis, and this would be a way to make an attractive, waterside city centre that would attract people to visit, work and live here. Any impact on wildlife would be offset by the proximity of miles of nearby mudflats, and a different ecosystem would regenerate.

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  1. This idea actually could actually bring together quite a lot of the other ideas suggested around improving the riverside closest to the city centre and in doing so enhancing the appeal of Lemon Quay. Making Truro a destination in its own right is the only way the city can benefit from Cornwall’s tourist economy rather than just being somewhere holiday-makers go to shop when it’s raining.

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