Riverside Development

I think more could be made of the riverside areas of Boston, promoting walks to improve public health and considering developing a riverside restaurant & bar area, as a lot of towns have.

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1 comment on “Riverside Development

  1. Let’s open up the beautiful waterways of our great town to leisure craft from all over the fens and further afield. Yes we have the Witham which benefits from boaters via Lincoln, but I think more could be made of our waterways in the south of the town. Can you imagine the benefits a water taxi/leisure trip to Spalding may bring? Or even opening up the fen waterways so travel by boat from Boston to the River Glen via the South Forty-Foot towards Bourne and then on to Peterborough and Cambridge.

    Of course I’m talking about an ambitious project here, but our waterways are there for the taking and so underused due to lack of access points and moorings for pleasure craft.

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