Road infrastructure

Burton needs major investment in both its current roads and plans for new roads.

Current roads across the town are in a bad state. Potholes need to be fixed with a long term view instead of just filling them in, the project to close and resurface Shobnall Road/Forest Road last year is an example of what needs to happen across all major routes in the town.

Major routes that are congested need to be looked at and given some relief. When there are roadworks on a major route (Ashby Rd, Derby St etc) or any closure of the A38 the town grinds to a halt for hours.
The biggest solution to this is a ring road for burton, but being realistic this would take far too much investment and time.
A third bridge, or a vast improvement to the current ones (2 lane improvement, Walton bridge improvement) would help, as would some new small roads in strategic places to bypass congested areas.

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