A bypass road to move heavy vehicle traffic away from the narrow streets in Glastonbury. Also pedestrianised high street to protect shoppers. Coppice overgrown willows on the way to Baltonsborough and remove caravans.

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2 comments on “Roads

  1. Pedestrianising the High Street would in reality take the life out of Glastonbury.

    In addition Lambrook Street and Chilkwell Street would also have to be pedestrianised, otherwise they would bear the brunt of all the traffic that once used the High Street, but these even smaller streets simply couldn’t take that dangerous overspill. But despite that contingent need, these smaller streets couldn’t be pedestrianised anyway, because of the traffic controls already in place there, and the need for emergency service vehicles to use them.

    Pedestrianisation may seem a good idea, but it would be a terrible mistake. Glastonbury would become another Shepton Mallet.

  2. Regarding the High Street, I fully agree with making it pedestrianized with wider pavements.
    Allow local deliveries access only.
    We close the High St for certain activities, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to do it permanently.
    Or making the High Street one way, with wider pavements

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