Roads and University

Burton Upon Trent needs a much improved road pattern to include a western and eastern relief road together with a third bridge over the Trent.Eventually this should become an outer ring road enabling traffic wishing to avoid the town centre to do so and traffic diverted from the A 38 (on occasions when that road is closed) can do so without grid-locking the town.

Burton was virtually a Victorian new town, & has large areas of terraced housing which is coming to the end of its life unless considerable expenditure is made to renovate and improve the built stock and environment.As Burton needs to improve its skills base and to retain its young residents this would be done by developing a university which would allow some of the vast Victorian brewery buildings to be reused for student housing and university teaching. It would assist in regenerating the Victorian areas and improve the image of the town and boost the arts & town centre and evening economy. A scheme like that in Lincoln!

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52 comments on “Roads and University

  1. Re open the rail line which goes to Leicester.

    Embrass town identity, ie “encourage” breweries corporate responsibility.

    Turn market hall into entertainment venue.

    No more houses near town centre!
    Aka old hospital… Smart… Looking at land near leisure centre! (Nice place for a bowling alley?)

    Roads, bridge all good all mentioned.

  2. Swimming pools and gyms for smaller villages surrounding Burton would be welcome due to congestion on A38, villages become locked down at rush hour, not worth travelling out. Helping to keep people fit and creating local jobs.

  3. Elderly landlirdsdesperately need support with updating extremely old Victorian houses. A university will keep much neededpeople in the town and bring new business opportunities. We need new roads to tackle the congestion problems and projects to improve mental health of our aging population through use of green spaces, art and heritage.

  4. Investment into the road system would be welcome including a third bridge and ring road if these are possible. Town centre would benefit from some investment to make it more attractive for shoppers and keep people using the high Street and shopping centres. Land along the river near to meadowside ripe for redevelopment and lots of unused buildings which could be repurposed. Burton has got a lot going for it and could be an even better place to live. Very pleased that it could benefit from an injection of public money. Very good news.

    1. Invest in more entertainment facilities and shops to bring some business into the area.
      Also agreed, the pot holes need to be fixed!

  5. We have a large number of new house builds expanding the size of the town considerably, the existing road network cannot and even enlarged will not be able to cope with potential demand along with other problems such as pollution and creating danger for others. Commuter travel into the town comes from all directions including Swadlincote area, and the Hilton,Tutbury area along with other outlying villages each of these areas have themselves expanded especially Swadlincote. No useable alternatives are available other than private car, the buses are unreliable and varied, no rail connection exists as a light rail or other when the former Ivanhoe railway could be opened to passengers. No safe cycle or walk routes exist even from many directions though Swadlincote is only about 3 miles away (direct) and easily within cycle distance. The provision of safe and useable cycle routes within and around the town is very poor or non existent. Those that exist are shared use and not really useable for getting into town directly. Walking routes are directed around major junctions and are slow and unsafe with some non controlled crossings around busy roundabouts. The town centre is suffering from a mix of high business rates and an uneven playing field with on-line shopping. Even in the day time the pedestrian roads are ignored by a minority of drivers with no enforcement making the area feel unsafe and the town has a demeanour of being run down with little reason for people to stay. We need to replicate towns of a similar size from Denmark or Germany and create much better cycle and walk ways into and around the town, limit personal car use by directing it away from the town, and vastly improving public transport and stop viewing the town centre as a shopping centre and introduce a mixed use centre. We need to enable the town to feel human and not mechanical with people only accessing it for a limited period by driving in and out.

  6. We need to update the extremely tired shopping centres and assist retailers with v low rates and rent to encourage more higher quality retailers to come back to the town. Road network is obviously important but no point updating roads to a town no one wants to go to shop.

  7. Roads definitely need a good filling in. Could do with some sort of entertainment, like bowling, iceskating, a games/chill area for youths to get them off the streets- pool, tennis, Xbox’s and psp’s, skate park at the back etc. Something to keep them occupied and make it fun and educational too.

  8. As a motorcyclist the pot holes here definitely need sorting out as they are a massive risk for motorbikes when driving, there could be another bridge to get to stapenhill and winshill as the traffic is always horrendous especially with minor road works and just general maintenance of the community

  9. 100% agree that the road and infrastructure need investment and an extra bridge seems an obvious solution. The town is full of historical buildings and heritage that is widely ingnored or under utilised. We have the bargates area that it prime for development yet notuing is ever finalised and isnt even utilised for pop up events in the interim such a loss of opportunity. A university would at least inject some youthful spirit into the town.

  10. Burton is a disgrace , and it’s not just the state of the roads, I walk through burton a lot and the state of some houses and their front gardens are disgusting.Road covered in litter, rubbish that someone has just dumped, fly tipping, the list goes on.
    The main roads into burton from all directions are dirty an unkept. Unfortunately some of this is down to the residents who live in these houses, they have no pride anymore, what is wrong with people nowadays? We have a good town which could become a great town once again but everybody has a part to play in this!

  11. Brilliant ideas. The roads would also need to be repaired and tesco roundabout widened to cope with the extra traffic. With the revitalisation of the pedestrian area this should bring in some much needed income to the area.

  12. There’s a need of improvement all around Burton on Trent. Starting from street potholes from A5121 after the A38 to all through up the town centre. Investments in town central will attract big brands. The project for the third bridge we keep hearing about for the last years is much needed now more than ever.

  13. A third bridge is long overdue and much needed/supported. There are a limited number of roads in the town centre and when there’s an accident on the A38 or road works elsewhere in town there are limited options available to avoid congestion. Main shopping areas are now undercover (Burton Place, Coopers Square and Octagon). Station Street and High Street are no longer (and havent been for decades) the prime retail areas they once were, with many empty units and low footfall. Business rates need to be reduced (and new business given a period of time where no business rates payable eg in first two years)in these areas to encourage growth. Other non retail businesses, such as leisure/commercial, should be encouraged to use empty units. Station Street pedestrianised area should remain and be redevoped as per plans however the High Street ‘pedestrianised’ area should be reopened as a road. High Street no longer offers a retail option to compete with the main shopping areas and other uses should be encouraged. During the day and especially at night the area has little footfall. Reopening the road would open up the accessability so that all members of the community can make use of it. There are safety concerns especially at night using High Street and reopening the road to traffic would encourage people to use that area of town and improve the night time economy. University towns have a vibrant economy compared to Burton and and anything to encourage and support young people to remain, choose or visit Burton should be encouraged

  14. I agree with many of the views posted here. The roads are disgraceful and in need of repair. The drains need sorting out too. I personally don’t want to see more housing estates go up as our town is crowded and this places strain on services such as GPs, dentists, police and schools.

    I like the comments on using established buildings for homing families on a low income or being used for some purpose. There are so many buildings deteriorating in Burton.

    I wish there was a better solution for people carrying out the school run, as it is ridiculous and dangerous seeing the roads clog up. I have never understood why we don’t have a school bus system like America.

  15. Brilliant ideas, the road system is far too congested and the pressure on the current bridges unsustainable. The idea of developing the university is an excellent one, we have enough space here and enough talented young people! We are in between Derby and Lichfield Staffordshire university campus though, so would have to be careful of the focus of the uni courses, but Arts would be amazing, could be like Glasgow School of Art!!

  16. There needs to be investment for a permanent solution to the potholes and craters on the roads.
    Sufficient cycles lanes would be beneficial and may reduce the number of cars driving into town and investment into social areas like Bargates once was.

  17. Repairing potholes is temporary and not getting to root cause. We have so many more cars, vans and lorries using our towns road that they were never intended for. We need new road networks and a third bridge to keep heavy traffic out of the town centre!

    The idea of a university it good, but it’s a very competitive business and we’d have to make sure we offer something unique or exceptional. If we can make a university a success, this should then in turn courage social n entertainment businesses to invest in our town again.

  18. Potholes!! Please fix the potholes. Burton is significantly worse than all surrounding areas. My husband says he’s still driving over the same potholes today that he was when he was 17 and he’s now 31.

  19. Roads definitely need sorting but would be really good to add cycle lanes wherever possible so we can cycle safely around the town. Burton also needs more community facilities for family and young people. Bowling alley, ice rink etc should be supported in redevelopment.

  20. Definitely roads please, I have seen lots of water collected in the road near sainsbury during raining. Its really difficult for pedestrian.

  21. Potholes!!! i cannot name a road in burton that doesn’t have A pothole on it, we need all of the roads re surfacing instead of bodge jobs that end up turning back in to the potholes that were there beforehand.
    To add, we do not need anymore new housing estates built stop waisting money on building more and more houses When half of them are empty as it is!

  22. The road infrastructure is completely inadequate now the council have allowed so many houses and warehouses to be built. They are in need or urgent repair.

    The drains all need cleaning. Clays Lane is a disgrace every time it rains it’s a swimming pool and a nightmare to walk to Rykneld through

    Something needs doing about the lack of footpath over the railway bridge in Branston it’s dangerous on the school run pointless teaching your small children that walking is good for them when you feel safer driving

  23. Definitely get the roads completely resurfaced, so sick of the pot holes and I think another bridge would be good. Turn the dis-used buildings into cheap afford housing for young families. Put in play grounds and other means of free activities for children (not all families can afford national adventure farm). Use some of the waste land to provide a safe, sheltered space for the homeless to go. Stop building on flood plains.

  24. Roads, this is the main aspect as there is thousands of people traveling to work everyday from Derby, Nottingham, Swadlincote etc.
    Potholes are that big that if go with speed limit and hit it you can say bye bye to your alloys and tires, I had to change 2 tires in last year just because of that.
    So like I said, roads are in very bad condition beacause of the amount of cars driving each day through Burton.
    Please do something with that.

  25. I couldnt agree more!
    Burton desperately needs a third bridge over the trent. Whenever there are road works or one of bridges is closed to traffic the affect it has on movement round the town centre and outer roads is huge and affects local businesses.
    Burton has some truely beautiful buildings that are wasting away to disrepair, it would be such a shame if these buildings arent saved and bought back to life. They could be such an asset to the town.

  26. Would love to see Burton have a university, but there would need to be considerable amount of thought about traffic flow in this already very busy town.
    Whilst the bypass may help somewhat a 3rd bridge is essential, but we also need to make sure that our green spaces are protected too

  27. Third bridge at Walton needed, as well as junction improvements such at Branston Road/St Peters Bridge roundabout Branston Road side. Do something different with the 4 sets of lights from New Street to Station Street. Foot crossing over railway at Branston.

  28. Our Roads are a top priority they are a disgrace. Stop building on flood plains. Smarten up the town centre encourage new business

  29. We don’t need students we need housing. Toom any houses are being built in the flood plain of the trent when old industrial land and building are left to rot. The roads require repairing and the drainage sorted. A 3rd bridge over the trent is a must. Tripple lane the A38 and avg speed camera Derby to Birmingham. Stop the building of yet more pallet warehouses on flood plains. Ban all HGV traffic from surrounding villages and let them use trunk roads only.

  30. I would say that potholes and road surfaces around the town are an issue. As a very industrial town, all of the junctions and small round abouts are chewed up by lorries so should be replaced with tougher concrete or tarmac that is less vulnerable. All roads around the town are in desperate need of complete resurfacing, not just patching a patch of a patch on a pothole that keeps appearing in the same place. If you ask any locals or visitors to the town, the road surfaces and potholes are the most major issue within the town! With traffic flow a close second.

    If you have good road surfaces, then good traffic flow. People visiting the town will feel like it is a loved place that welcomes new people and wealth that can be invested into facilities for education etc. No one wants to invest money into somewhere that feels like it’s failing, somewhere that has roads that feel like no one has ever thought of repairs, somewhere that has a bad first impression.

  31. Agree. A third river bridge from A38 through Drakelow to Cadley Hill could create a fantastic commercial and residential area in South Derbyshire

  32. I agree with both of these ideas, however, my priority would be to create the additional bridge over the trent which is decades overdue.

  33. Trevor – your road suggestion is a great investment for Burton-on-trent and the surrounding area. It only takes one road obstruction to halt all productivity in the town, I’m sure the local shops are hit by this when town people cant get to the high street most evenings due to an accident on the A38 some miles away!

    I’m not sure I agree fully with the university idea – I would rather encourage young people in by continuing to invest in science and technology business parks as being done over in Branston – this in turn might drive the demand for better educational facilities in the long term. Recent attempts to invest in technology education have resulted in large modern infrastructure going unused due to lack of demand.

    This in turn could be helped by modernising the town centre – investment seems to be pouring into the outskirts of Burton leaving the middle looking very run down and overtaken by chains.

    Take the lead from Birmingham/Manchester/Liverpool – where the industrial past of the cities has given a trendy edge to the modern redevelopment.

  34. There has been, and is ongoing, a large amount of development in the immediate area, with as yet little or not apparent improvement to the A38. Congestion and accidents are a regular problem and it is not fit for purpose going forward. Reducing speed limits to improve safety has a limited effect in the face of heavy use. The capacity and ability to deal with issues, as well as general safety, need plans before yet more development is completed.
    Burton town centre has suffered badly when competing with online business. Easy access to town and free parking would reduce the hassle factor currently pushing people to other options. But also retail business rates put shops at a disadvantage. Towns in general need other ways for councils to raise funds without crippling their own economy. Perhaps these costs need to be born by residents and other business types? It has to come from somewhere! Government need to make sure large online companies are paying their fair share of tax in the country where their products/services are sold.

  35. Roads are in poor shape, pot holes need repair and most of the roads need quality resurfacing and markings. In fact the whole communication infrastructure needs urgent attention.
    Burton is situated centrally in the midlands and road connections need upgrade.

  36. The roads around Burton on Trent are in a dreadful state with numerous pot holes which are hard to avoid, and require resurfacing.
    A third bridge would also be beneficial to the town to reduce the congestion in the town centre.

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