Roads / busses / trams

– Put an affordable tram system in place over the seafronts town centre westbourne etc
– cheaper and quicker train over the conurbation
– seriously reduce the amount of busses on the road, certain routes do not need a bus arriving every 3 minutes, they inevitably catch up with each other.
– only have double decker busses on the most used routes, don’t need double deckers going round the town with 7 people on board all day
– stop the uni busses when uni students are not in term or home for Christmas etc
– where there is space take as many bus stops off the road as possible, Wallisdown road massive example, just put a brand new road sized pavement in hasn’t helped the ongoing congestion problem between Bmth and Poole
– Sort out a proper route between Bmth and Poole that can handle the traffic levels, single lane routes between these two towns is useless.
– smaller busses to use backroads on a hail and ride system like London
– Schools walking distance to where you live

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