Roads, green spaces, boating lake, public transport

We definitely should improve our roads like also path walks should be changed everywhere in a town centre and surrounding areas.
We should invest a little bit in a green area which is boating lake. Boating lake is an amazing place which if it looked a little more friendly I’m sure more people would visit.
Public transport should run in the evenings too as some people finish work later than what we have at the minute and because of that we need to rely on taxis etc.
Also, what about that big empty space next to the cinema? It could be a really good investment.
George street and it’s lack of greenery, looks very grey and sad! The look of town does a lot and it can cause more people visiting, planning on moving here.
Also since we don’t have a police it seems like homeless people/teenagers/etc can do whatever they want. Not saying they should be on lock but our town should keep general peace on a streets which lately it’s a big problem on our streets.

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