Roads, Transport and Support

The roads surrounding Hereford, especially North Herefordshire have incredibly large, dangerous potholes that are being refilled again and again, to break apart during heavy rain- the roads could really do with bein resurfaced, these potholes can be seen over miles of Herefordshire roads.
Cross county bus routes have been cut which really hinder people who live in Orleton who would want to travel to Ludlow by bus, mainly elderly people who can no longer drive ane rely on the busses.
Train prices are becoming extortionate; 2000 mile plane tickets are becoming cheaper than 200 mile train tickets!
I do feel that Hereford needs more areas of support for the people who live around here, especially because there are a lack of well paying jobs (maybe increase the mimimun wage), and I feel that learning support should be offered (much like what is given in schools) to people who have left school and yet find new things and working difficult.

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