Complete the Corby Northern orbital road round to the A6116. Make connection roads from the new A43 into the south of Corby. More roads are needed to cope with peak times.

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15 comments on “Roads

  1. Roundabout near little Stanion is a death trap. Something is going to happen and something needs to done.

    Potholes in Corby are terrible and are only going to get worse as the town grows and the road users along with it

  2. The roads (pot holes) should definitely be fixed. The only way to avoid the holes in Corby is by a helicopter, which I cannot afford yet.

  3. Potholes are increasingly causing issues.
    Also need lights in roundabouts like one by Beefeater and Earltrees Ins Estate. Growing town but little traffic control.

  4. Too many potholes in corby especially near priors hall near morrisons industry. I damaged my car 6 times in one year its costing too mch . Updating the roads should be priority. The roads r a nighmare please fix potholes .

  5. All roads in and round Corby need resurfacing plus there need to be traffic lights on the a6116 GrettonBrooke Road and Earlsthree road try to get out of the earlsthree road is nightmare specially if you’re in a truck and and it’s rush-hour

  6. The roads and footpaths should be made the first priority as this benefits everyone in the county whether you walk, ride pedalbike, motorbike, drive a car, use a taxi, bus or just a passenger. it will also stop all the claims for damage to cars and bikes.

  7. A family member has recently damaged there wheel on their car due to the state of the roads here, fixing them should be the number 1 priority

  8. Fix the pot holes on the roads & make footpaths safe. Many footpaths are as bad as the roads. Also more lay-bys for parking as you can’t see passed the parked cars.

  9. The state of corby roads are in desperate need to be repair. Eliminating the speed bumps and making our roads back to the condition we used to have would save so much in constantly having to repairing our cars and vans. We have so much heavy traffic in our town compared to 10/20 years ago causing this problem. A quick fix pot hole refill is not the solution as many of these are already disintegrated and causing damage to cars again. We need to invest properly to repair our roads for the long term.

  10. Pot holes need to be filled in and repaired. With large volumes of money spent in local Corby businesses through my own business I expect to be able to travel through my local streets without completely destroying my company vehicles with the poor upkeep of our roads. Absolutely unforgivable.

  11. The state of most roads in Corby is awful, there are a lot of potholes which are big and can actually damage the car. It gets even worse when it rains or during the night time as you cant see them.

  12. I’ve worked in Corby for ten years and if anything needed work, it’s the road quality. Elizabeth Street, the entire main road through Corby (Cottingham Road, Westcott Way, Oakley Road and Weldon Road) are all in desperate need of work especially the traffic light area on Weldon Road and the traffic light area on Cottingham Road. These roads are used by thousands of people and apart from some cheap repairs here and there have deteriorated to the point that it’s unacceptable. The recent work carried out on Lloyds Road and less recently on Rockingham Road and Weldon Road main roundabout is welcomed but Corby would be so much better if these main routes all had quality asphalt. Thanks.

  13. Fedup Of Paying Road Tax, Ins Tax, Vat on everything part and minute of labour spent on the car and last but not least..Fuel Duty. says:

    The road surfaces throughout Corby are absolutely appalling! We moved here six years ago and almost every time people visit us from outside the area they say “the roads are bad here aren’t they”! What a great first impression to make!

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