Rub it out & start again

The town centre varies from the vile (bus station) to the abandoned (M&S) and really needs demolished & started afresh. Start with the buildings around the bus station and move out in waves. New housing should replace shops since major retail is in Manchester or in niche shops in Nantwich (another town starting to die).
Since the 1970s Crewe has been let down by continual failed plans & schemes that get nowhere. Maybe homes not shops will put some life back into the town since retail is beginning to shrink nationally. Even the once famous station is now a bit of a joke. Rail museum?
Whatever you do: shops, entertainment, homes or even all the above please carry the plan through from paper to reality. Key is to demolish the bus station and work from there outwards.

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12 comments on “Rub it out & start again

  1. The high cost of commercial rates are killing small businesses why not Subsidise new and existing shop owners . Craft markets on Sundays knutsford have one first Sunday of the month It’s buzzing . Car / bike rally in the town centre . Jumble sale / flee markets .free parking .

  2. While you’re rebuilding the town if that’s the way you go. Put some actual intelligent thought into the layout instead of just dumping new buildings randomly the town doesn’t need a new bus station. Modern cities have bus stops not bus stations. Don’t just put shiny new buildings everywhere without thinking about infrastructure. Why is the lifestyle centre somewhere where there is no decent parking? Why aren’t we building new doctors/schools/shops along with the new housing we need to take pride in our town and encourage some life back into the town centre. Most importantly sort out the traffic systems so that people can actually get around the town.

  3. Dont build more housing, traffic is getting worse, schools are overcrowded and underfunded, there’s very little for the youth to do. The lifestyle centre was a poor use of money, maybe some kind of action / sports centre that can hold youth clubs, competitions, indoor skatepark, trampolining etc this could be done in the old swimming baths or the old library could be converted into something useful. No more supermarkets and definitely no more housing though.

    1. I fully agree with this. We need more shops in the town and more leisure places. The old swimming baths would be such a great place for an indoor skatepark that’s for sure. There are so many empty buildings which either need using or knocking down and rebuilt because the whole of the town is so ran down. Don’t even bother going there now because it’s that bad. Would be good to get the town up and running again after so long. Plans need to be made and set in stone and not just made and then forgotten or postponed because it’s getting ridiculous.

  4. More new shops we don’t need anymore Cinema & bowling alley and a new bus station like hmv & clothes shops too and fast food restaurant too

  5. The town centre needs demolishing including where m&s was all along their so then a new shopping centre can be built one which is a lot bigger then we have now is what’s needed, which will stop everyone going out of town to do clothes shopping. A nice area to go at night as well more restaurants and bars is what’s Crewe is missing as the nightlife has gone down over the years which is sad to see the town like it is now a ghost town. Hope that the work gets started sooner rather then a few years later.

  6. A Regeneration programme that ensures a new bus station as the present one is a health and safety hazard. A combination of retail and leisure with good transport connections to the Retail park and Railway station. Crewe needs to get its momentum and pride back and investment would do so much for the moral and footfall in the town.

  7. Not everyone drives, how is going to Manchester to shop a viable option for non drivers or people on limited incomes like a lot of people in Crewe do. Also Nantwich is not a very cheap place to shop in either. We could do with a shopping centre like the potteries centre in Hanley. The old M&S building is not owned by the council, so can’t really be knocked down or anything done with it till the owner decideds to. Not every building in the town centre is owned by the council.

  8. Need more shopping and more pubs with security cameras and alarms to connect to police, to with out the owner going back and forward to the pub,

    1. More new shops we don’t need anymore Cinema & bowling alley and a new bus station like hmv & clothes shops too and fast food restaurant too

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