safe cycle network please!

We really need a safe separate cycle network in Hereford and that is linked to towns and villages 4-5 miles outside so people have a real choice to commute by bike rather than car. Most journeys by car are 2-3miles long, which is crazy. We have a major obesity issue here and air that is polluted when it should not be. This would bring more business into town, reduce congestion, deal with the need for social distancing with the COVID19 crisis and help with the Climate Emergency as well as improving health and quality of life. Pollution and congestion charging could also be added to discourage driving into town.

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  1. Pollution and congestion charging would not work if the A49 is made a major through road (removal of traffic lights etc)
    Traffic lights and speed reducing is there to protect the vulnerable.
    Any by-pass traffic now and in the future should never be near the inner city roads. Country wide north-south traffic should maintain the expected higher average speed so the ring road should be built and not impinge on the local traffic within city limits.
    But the by-pass should not be an excuse to build more houses.
    The Western by-pass should be beyond Kings Acre Halt and use the Stretton roundabout from the west to protect the residents should the houses be built in the proposed Kings Acre site.

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