Safe Cycle route Millom to Silecroft and beyond

As cycling is becoming increasingly popular the A5093 is extremely dangerous and has seen numerous deaths along the coast – we need safe cycle routes.

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2 comments on “Safe Cycle route Millom to Silecroft and beyond

  1. I live at Silecroft and cycle regularly into and around Millom. There are so many potential routes for cycle friendly routes both North and South of Millom but they need to be made accessible for cycles and some work done to link them better. I, through local knowledge use the track from Haverigg through the sand dunes beyond Stoup Dub farm through what is a naturists site but there is a link missing beyond the Airfield to link across to Kirksanton and Silecroft. and there are some fairly good links that are footpaths. Therein lies an Issue of cycling on a footpath, as part of ongoing and future development for cycle routes that practically everybody seems to be behind, then when will the English follow the Scottish access rights and let all cyclists use any path ?? there is so much more to gain by allowing the cyclists on any given track than purely for the benefit of the cyclists. The potential for local businesses gaining from it, Silecroft beach cafe when it opens as a first instance. To the South of Millom there is the link along Aggies Lonning but then the access rights along the embankment after Green Road are surely an easy fix to give traffic free cycling all the way to Duddon Bridge, and then access to the South Lakes hills surrounding Broughton-In-Furness and beyond, There seems to be plans in place to link Whitehaven to Silecroft with various upgrades to cycling paths, but again here, I’m sure more could be done with better access on ALL paths, and some links here and there. The much needed rail access across the Eskmeals viaduct would be nice, but understandably costly. but lets get the funding for it.

  2. Cycle routes into and out of Millom need to be provided, both north and south. It is not acceptable to say that the A595 is the west coast route. The A595 is our M25 and we don’t have approval to cycle on there.

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