Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful.
We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK)
Please could you advise us of parking for Motorhomes in your town and if possible overnight stops. There is a fantastic Aire at the Canterbury park and ride and we would like more in other towns. We are self contained with washing, cooking and toilet facilities and unlike campers with tents and caravans like to get out and go throughout the year, particularly in the winter when places are quiet to visit places and perhaps stay a couple of nights before moving on. Shops, theatres and restaurants would benefit as most motorhome owners are retired folk like us, who like shopping, visiting the theatre and eating out.We need to be able to get to the town centre by public transport.

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  1. Yes yes yes!! It will increase tourism and boost sales in Thornaby-On-Tees. I can not understand why Towns in England are so unwelcoming to the Motorhome community (currently over 300,000 and growing) unlike our Continental friends, France, Spain, Germany, Italy et al. There could be restrictions in place to suit local conditions (Canterbury Council, which has embraced the concept has a maximum stay of 48 hours) and by charging say £5 a night bringing in more revenue for the town – more if water and waste water/chemical disposal points are added. The initial capital cost is not great and would soon be covered by visits of the Motorhome community and thereafter provide a much needed additional revenue stream for your town.

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