Safety, littering, wasteland development

We could really do with a tonne of CCTV putting in place to make locals feel safe enough to walk to the shop in the dark and to deter criminal activity such as drug deals on the streets, anti-social behaviour and thefts. There are also huge issues with littering and dog poo, so campaigns in the area and extra resources (bins) are needed. There is a wasteland opposite the police station which could easily be redeveloped into retail lots or even a recreational space to keep the teenagers busy.

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1 comment on “Safety, littering, wasteland development

  1. definitely need roads resurfacing, and somewhere for teenagers to hang around. The land opposite the police station would be ideal for them. Give them somewhere to hang around. Extend the cctv to other areas to help the elderly feel safe shopping. We need lots more bins for litter and dog poop.

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