Salvaging a habitable planet

Navitus please, storage & clean infrastructure everywhere- solar,wind, tidal- as befits our climate emergency. DECARBONISATION at speed & scale. ALL HANDS ON DECK: lack of time in which to act before triggering permafrost carbon bombing,climate collapse & extinction. Public Education programme re the 11,000 scientists from 153 countries 5.11.19 warning of “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” & Death of Mother Nature. Compassionate solutions for climate migration incl internal displacement (flooding). Carbon accountability! Prioritising community welfare, clean air, water & all resources including biodiversity & pollinators. Transition Town policies: permaculture; fruit, nut trees, medicinal herbs, repairing all goods & locally harvesting all resources, no landfill. Many jobs in looking after each other & what we can salvage. Zero carbon transport. Insulation, conservation, a house by house insulation programme (cf Kirklees). Free public transport (as in Luxembourg).

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