School, hospital and mental health

Ngh is overcrowded. It’s normal for patients to stay on trolleys in the corridor for long periods. Schools are a huge issue for special needs kids. Not very inclusive, forcing many to be home schooled or special needs school. Special needs schools are full. Kids with greater learning disabilities are becoming a minority and merly being contained due to lack of resources. Youth mental health…there is no-one to turn to for many with an increase of domestic violence by the child,, with increase in calls to police. Services are lacking to the point of useless. If your lucky s social worker will allow support hrs but finding a support worker with intelligence and experience for minimum pay is difficult. So agency are used at a high cost to the council but they provide non English speaking people with little experience. So the council should employ their own . Give them training and at least pay them to at least the same level as a cleaner which is £10per hr

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