Sea front

Offer grants to see front businesses to jet wash or paint their frontage. Larger bins like Hunstanton. More bins and more seating. We have wonderful views and not enough seating. The sea front is being killed by cars, being blocked by buildings. Close of the sea front to any and all traffic other than emergency vehicles. Expand the sea front. Stop allowing embarrassing building replacing historical buildings. Want to see huge boards telling us all to follow routes to see the walls and more. Farmers do great job of cutting hedge rows, give them a kick back in tax for keeping their local areas trimmed. Rhis makes the area look tidy and will mean less debris on the road. Also leads to less surface flooding if we put runs in the grass that are easy and free to do and maintain. Preserve our history and keep that in mind when trying to turn our market into a crap version of the Grafton iCambridge. Even big names did not want to pay the business rates for those and they killed off the better

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