Seafront and Yacht Bay

If the dock area was developed it would have to be for everyone, not just eateries and wine bars etc, would need play area’s for kids. Nothing can really be developed on the road side of the yacht marina, to noisy and unhealthy but do up the pier and getting decent covered seating area’s (safe from seagulls) would be a good idea along and perhaps at the end of the pier, then you could have a bit of food and a nice cup of tea while enjoying the sea, add a tea stall as well. A lot can be done but it needs imagination and common sense to choose the right thing, most of the time the wrong things are chosen and there’s no benefit. Don’t build buildings that block views or ruin the area, no more retailers as they’ll only be the same as what is already in town, don’t over do the eateries and drinking establishments, there’s enough already really. What draws people in is what’s on offer entertainment wise and there’s next to nothing of that. All North Lowestoft really has is the East point.

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