Secondary School Education with Multi-Pod Design

Mablethorpe needs a Secondary School!
Mablethorpe also needs a Secondary School where the buildings can grow and shrink as and when needed to cater for the amount of students going their.
My idea is where you have one main building consisting of a hall, staff room and classrooms where security is paramount due to the equipment used like IT and Science.
Other classrooms will be external to the hall and of a modular or ‘Pod’ design and are ‘Hired’ each year and placed on the grounds near the main building.
If the number of students drop one year then you hire less pods. If the number of students grow you hire more.
This method will keep the costs down as low as possible because the main building will always be fully used by students and the excess pods can be removed and hired each year as needed.
This will mean the amount of money per student should always cover the costs of the school.
This school design could also be used for adult evening education as well.

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